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Frequently Asked Question’s

Where are you based?

The entire team at Te Reo Kia Rere are based in New Zealand.


Do you offer your classes over zoom around New Zealand?

We are a global Company so we can offer our services worldwide however actually, the majority of our zoom class students are in Australia but we are open to anyone including New Zealand if you wish to learn te reo Māori with us. All are welcome to Te Reo Kia Rere.


How long have you been established?

Te Reo Kia Rere has been established since 2020


I feel disconnected to my culture and language. What course would be best suited for me?

This all depends on your current schedule and how much time and commitment you are prepared to put into learning. Frequent lessons can be done in classes or privately but the main thing is that while you are learning you are prepared to commit to the 16-week course wholey.


How do the classes work?

Firstly, you must prebook your course. The cost is $700

You have the option to pay this fee upfront, weekly installments or afterpay. We have a first in-first serve basis so we strongly urge that if you would like a spot please pre-purchase your spot on the course by using this link https://tereokiarere.com/collections/te-puna-matauranga/products/te-reo-maori-lessons-online-16-week-course-upfront-payment-option


Secondly, you can choose private lessons with Tuterangiwhiu. These lessons are booked and paid for in advance and you will go through the course learning in a private setting. This is a great option for clients who prefer to learn one-on-one, need additional support or because the live zoom classes do not suit your current timetable. Cost is $100 per lesson.


What is the minimum commitment required for these 16-week classes?

1x Zoom lesson per week at 7pm AEST and the lesson runs for approx. 2 hours.

PLUS – You must spend time during the week working on these new learnings. Everyone learns differently so your homework time is completely dependent on you.


What if I want to do more than one lesson per week?

If you would like more than one lesson, you would need to book an additional private lesson with Tuterangiwhiu. These cost $100 per lesson. Simply choose a time a date on this link: https://tereokiarere.com/collections/te-reo-kia-rere-2020/products/private-lessons


When are the next intakes dates?

March, July and November are our intake months. We will advise specific dates as these months get closer, keep an eye out on our Facebook page if you are new to our lessons.


What do I get after the 16-weeks?

You get a newly found speaking ability and learnings as a true indicator of your achievements. We also provide you with a TRKR certificate however it is not NCEA accredited as we do not have exams or assessments in our courses. If you are needing a formal qualification we would recommend learning te reo through a NZ University. 


Do you have breaks throughout the year?

Yes, normally around a 1-2 week break but these are flexible. These breaks can be extended or reduced as the classes see fit.


I am not Māori. Can I still do your classes?

Yes absolutely! We welcome all ethnicities who would like to learn the Māori language. Please do not be shy – we welcome everyone to join our classes.


How much is the course?

Level 1 Zoom class 16 weeks $680 (upfront, weekly installments or afterpay available)

Private lessons $100 per lesson. (upfront, weekly installments or afterpay available)


So, I can do the 16-week course in a live zoom class or through private tuition lessons?

Yes, but the difference is, you get flexible learning options with private tuition. You can do a structured lesson or explore questions you may have around the Māori language and culture. You may need a cultural advisory session or some translation work. With private 1-hour lessons the session is completely guided by your needs.


Do you offer other learnings in your live zoom classes?

Yes! This is a key area that makes us different from any other providers out there! Tuterangiwhiu offers history lessons, songs, stories from areas around New Zealand, significance of places and names and many other aspects that are attuned to the Māori culture.


Tuterangiwhiu – is this your passion?

“Teaching te reo Māori is a vehicle for me. My passion is my people, where te reo Māori is a vehicle for me to be able to help”


If I am ready to sign up for the class, so I just register online?

Yes, if you are new to our website you will need to create an account and then to the courses section, add Level one to your cart and proceed to payment. Once you have paid – your spot is secured for the next intake.



What money currency are your services in?

Our prices and invoices are sent in New Zealand Currency (NZD) but for our global customers, your pricing will be converted to your country currency at the checkout.



What are your support contacts?

For inquiries email: admin@tereokiarere.com

Urgent enquiries: Te Reo Kia Rere Mobile: 0273769852 (during business hours)


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