Frequently asked questions

When do the next lessons start?

You can purchase our pre recorded service (Te Reo Kia Tika - Pre recorded) all year round and we highly recommend this option to give you immediate access to learning te reo.

We also offer 3 levels of live online classes. You will need to pre-purchase the first paper (Te Reo Kia Tika - Live class) to save your spot in the class and the next intake is October 2021. 

Private lessons (Te Kura Huna) are available all year round and are one on one lessons with Tuterangiwhiu. These are an extremely effective way to accelerate through your learnings in a safe and comfortable space.

Cultural consultancy lessons are available all year round and provide corporate individuals with the knowledge and support around Māori customs and values to help with partnership building and relationships.

Translation services are available all year round and vary in price depending on your request and the nature of the translation. there is no job too big or small so please reach out to us if your need anything translated into Māori, or Māori translated into english.

Merchandise is also available to purchase all year round. we currently only have a small variety in our shop, but we plan to grow our products overtime :)

What dialect do you teach in?

Tuterangiwhiu has extensive pan tribal knowledge and teaches basic structures and common words whilst you are still in your beginner stage of learning. We believe although dialect is important, it is not needed in the infancy of your journey.



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